CAMRA This is a database of all known pubs in Hertfordshire CAMRA
This is a database of all known pubs in Hertfordshire It therefore has a strong real ale bias. Pubs are continually changing, sometimes for the better, sometimes not, so you can help us keep this up-to-date by sending your amendments to us. Please send them to Please do not annoy the publicans or their staff and do not say you represent CAMRA if you have no authority to do so.
Disclaimer: the information in this guide comes from many sources and comes with no guarantee of accuracy; if you find any errors we will be glad to correct them. The descriptions are those of the inspectors and are not necessarily the views of CAMRA or its branches.
Pubs can be found by location, pub name, part of pub name (one word will do) or postcode. Once you have found the pub you are looking for, click on the postcode in its description to produce a map courtesy of Google Maps.
Ordnance survey grid references are also shown.
Many pubs have their own websites and we show those that we know about.
To see a complete list of beers brewed in the UK you will need a Good Beer Guide (GBG), updated annually. Available from CAMRA HQ.
If you have any updates, please e-mail us.
The guide is copyright of CAMRA and intended for private use only. Please notify us if you intend to use the data commercially.
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